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For Sale New AD1862N - 2Pcs

Things you have for sale.
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I have 2 extra pieces from a recent order. I'll send to any US address, and I'll handle shipping arrangements. I'll ship to any international address, provided that you will send me a file with a printable prepaid 4x6 shipping label to that address. I don't ship often, and it may be my errors, but international shipments have a much higher percentage of address errors and/or delays, customs, brokerage, duty etc. etc. issues that I would prefer not to deal with for 2 pieces. I hope anyone wishing to ship outside of the US understands. I truly wish I could help everyone over there that seems to want to try these.

Sold as a 2 piece lot to one buyer.

$75USD + my shipping costs using your choice of service via UPS, USPS, or FedEx. I'll cover up to $5USD in PayPal fees.

Fun Fine Print - Please do not post in the thread that you've PM'ed me... I'll know that you've PMed me, and it's likely no one else cares that you've PM'ed me. Just PM me and tell me you're interested or if you have any questions. That saves you extra typing, and it saves me looking in two places and having two notifications. If you are under moderation, chat with the moderator.

Edited to add - I just had a very nice message. I should explain further, why I say to please not put PM sent in the thread. Sometimes people think that holds their spot 'in-line'. I agree. However, PM's do the same thing, and then there is only one source of truth for timing of a request to purchase; the time that I received the PM. Above was a bit of a joke, that I wrote poorly. I meant no disrespect to anyone or the practice. I should have explained my purpose a bit better. :cheers:
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