Neutrik RT-1M

It will probably work with any OS that supports IEEE. The Win95 was for the RT_EVAL software, a graphical interface. That will most probably also run on XP, possibly in W95 compatibility mode.

There is also an RS232 input connector on the box (also on the pic in the manual) but no mention of it! I Wonder what that is for, maybe to upgrade the firmware?

The unit uses the same technology for multitone testing as developed by Audio Precision. I think the AP is a bit more sensitive, but it will be nice to have a unit that tests THD, Xtalk, Noise, IMD, Freq Response etc all in less than a second with up to 31 frequencies present. That should come pretty close to testing with music!

Not bad for a $ 200 eBay deal...

Jan Didden
After first asking 1500 euro (!) for the latest software, and after I pointed out that the user manual says 'free of charge', I got the original software (2001 version; my unit is from 1996) for free.

They also offered a USB-to-IEEE488 interface but I haven't dared to ask the price yet. A PCI IEEE488 board should be available at reasonable price, I think.

And oh yes, that RS232, that was never implemented in the hardware and firmware. It is on the unit and on the manual picture so I just wondered.

Factory cal is 345 euri.

Jan Didden
I need PCI, I still have to built a 'measurement' PC for this thing and for the AP because my old laptop is soooo sloooow.

I found a card on eBay for 25 euro (not bought yet). I also found a cable voor $ 12. The 'official' Neutrik card costs 690 euro, but it is a standard National Instruments card. The 'official' IEEE488 cable is 106 euro.

I have the software but it doesn't run without the card... :xeye:

Jan Didden
Hi Jan,

New they will be something around 300 - 400 eu for a professional one. Way above your budget I suppose. Have a search on Ebay or Marktplaats for a used one, maybe you have luck.

Stay away from Chinese cheapies, these are cr@p.

Good luck, cheers ;)
Looking for RT-1M Software

Does anyone have a copy of the RT-EVAL software they can send me?
I also got a unit off ebay (like everyone else, it appears), and got manual and driver data from the NTI site, but what I really need is this free operating applet to see if my unit is alive or not.

Sadly, the "free" software is no longer on the NTI website, so I am hoping someone here has a copy they will share. I have emailed them, but so far no answer.

On the plus side, my unit powers on, seems to initialize properly, and has no escaping smoke, so I have high hopes it will actually run. it's clearly not as user friendly as the audio precision portable one, but if I can get it to run with my laptop, I will be a very happy guy, as I could really use this unit on my design bench.

Happy to trade for the file. I do have very extensive test gear files in my library.

all the best,
RT-EVAL software follow-up

Just for everyone's personal amusement, I feel I have to pass on the comments just received from NTI:

$750 to "register" my unit, and another $750 to get a copy of the free software because it is "out of support". What a truly wonderful bit of customer support. Clearly the intent is to get me to buy another Audio Precision unit....

sigh. does anybody out there have the (once) free RT-EVAL app available? I really hate to toss this lovely widget just because I can't find the software.

IEEE488 Control of the RT1M

For those working with this unit, let me pass on my experience with the ICS Electronics 488-USB. This adaptor runs from any USB port, and had no difficulty finding and controlling the RT1M. Since the PCMCIA style is so flimsy (and expensive), and the USB port has become somewhat ubiquitous, this was an ideal fix for me, and I got one off ebay (new) for about US$150.

their website is

I am interested to correspond with anyone using this system, to learn an understand more about operation and the features of this unit.

hi there

I am pretty sure I have a copy of the RT-eval software at home, I will dig it out and send a copy to your email address.(If you can provide it)

This unit should be able to be interfaced to labview as the drivers are available.

Labview should enable you to brew some decent test procedures.