Neodymium speakers for silverface Twin Reverb

Seeking lightweight speaker suggestions for a Twin Reverb:

One of the amps I'm rebuilding is a pre-MV silverface Twin Reverb. It has no speakers, but a very high-quality replacement cabinet. I really want to avoid heavy ceramic magnets, and am very attracted to using neodymium-magnet speakers. Unfortunately Weber no longer lists their 12" neo, and I probably couldn't afford it if they did. I don't care at all about authentic "appearance."

A lot of people bad-mouth the "reborn" Italian Jensens, but I'm considering their neo 100w Tornado 12 JN12-100TR. 2" copper voice coil, treated paper surround.

Would I be better off looking at a neo from Celestion like the G12 Century Vintage or an Eminence Tonkerlite from their red coat line?

I'd probably like something that sounds like a D130 but lighter. If it's less efficient that's OK but I'd like it to be durable.
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