Needle replacement problems...

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Hy guys...just bought a brand new needle for my Dual 1219.
It has a shure m91 mgd cartridge if I`m not mistaken...

Anyway...bought it replacet it with the new needle.

It sounds like $hit...the tonearm moves from left to right (can`t get it to stay in place) and the sound is crap...its like plowing through the vinyl.

What would the problem be? Is the needle bad? Does it need to be played like this for a few hours to ware it up a bit/

The guy I bought it from has 100% positive (over 200) feedbacks. And I do have on my dual 1226 the same type of needle on a shure m75 tyde D cartridge. So I know for a fact that the new needle is brand new. It does not have "the patina" the old neeedle does.
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Contact the seller, you may have purchased a defective replacement stylus.

Note that you cannot swap the diamond from one cantilever to another unless you are incredibly skilled and have the experience and proper tools.

If you are not absolutely sure of the cartridge you have installed on the turntable how can you be sure that you purchased the correct replacement stylus for it?

Is the table correctly set up? (Tracking force, anti-skate at minimum and preferably overhang?)

One other bit of advice would be to learn the correct terminology so that you can accurately describe what is going on as I'm a little confused by some of your comments. is an incredible resource for those who play vinyl or aspire to do so. Highly recommended.
the stylus is the one needed.

I have a Dual 1226 and 1219.
On the 1226 I have a Shure M75 in working condition.

The stylus orderd for the 1219 is identical with the one in the other turntable.
I saw "reproductions" like it on the italian ebay, german one etc.

Its for Shure cartridges. The same form etc.

Just my luck doh I guess. I think I can`t "give" it back...unlikely (I think) the seller would swap it and give me the money back.

I know how it sounds but I will try. I did had id for 2 days before testing it. He could argue that its my fault or something.

Wi`ll see....probably i`m going to order a complet cartridge. Thats life :mad:
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Hopefully you used paypal to pay for the stylus, if so please file a claim with them now, this will force the seller to acknowledge there is an issue with the part he sold you.

IMHO 2 days is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to wait before testing, now it had been two months that would be a different matter.. Life comes first, and even a week or two IMO would be OK.

Note that new OEM stylus are still available for the M75 if you look around carefully. (Not on eBay)

Good luck!
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