Need Yamaha Y3015 / YM3015 D/A datasheet.

I have one of these D/A's in my 1991 TEAC PD-175 cd player. I just want to find out more about it in preparation for a bit of an upgrade to the main pcb. Nothing outrageous, just go around and replace all the signal caps with nice polystyrene ones. Guess what? There are 4 dual opamp chips between the D/A and the output connector and they each have stacks of disk CERAMIC caps all connected to them. Eeeyuck!! They will definitely the first to go.

I can't find any of the info I am looking for on the web. Even the CD player itself only gets a few hits.

Hi Graham, this D/A is used in a number of earlier cdp's including CDC players.
Not an overly flash convertor - 8 years ago this was available as a Yamaha spare part for AUS$5.00 or so - more recently NLA.
Years ago I built a PP wired output/filter stage using one of these plucked from a CDC el cheapo player.
I gave an infinite ground plane (copper sheet, 3" * 2") and infinite decoupling (down to tubular caps out of vcr rf modules) and ended up with a wildly infinite sounding cdp when played on ME amp and Duntech Sovereigns - fantastic L/R and depth imaging but a bit of HF glare though.
Some earlier Yamaha, Teac or CDC service manuals may give pinouts, but probably not application data.