need vga to vga connector/adapter

I'm starting my own DIY projector project, and I must admit I'm having some high expectations. I'm planning on building an enclosure for it a la's projector, but with a couple extras. For one, I want to install a vga-in jack into the side of the enclosure so that I can plug into it externally.

This is where you guys come in :D I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but you know how there's DVI-to-VGA adapters? Well, I need a VGA-to-VGA adapter; sort of like a zero-length vga extension cable. I want to install this into the wood somehow, and the inside vga cable to the monitor I'm going to strip (VG150) will link to the in-side of this adapter. Then whatever else I want to plug in can be plugged in from the outside.

So to end this when it's already a long story-Where can I find such an adapter? I've looked around but maybe I'm not searching for the right keywords.