Need very beginner help...

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Hello everyone. I'm using a pioneer vsx 9300 receiver with hopefully these bose 201 series IV speakers that I just bought. Only problem is that I'm really not advanced with this audio stuff and all I've wished for the past couple years is to finally get a pair of speakers to work.

This is my current setup: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The issues I'm having: Music is only playing out of the right speaker (nothing out of the left), and I can barely hear it (it's super quiet), even when all of my sources are at max volume.

Edit: more details: when I plug my RCA to Aux into PHONO instead of CD it gives me really shitty volume out of both speakers. Hey, at least it shows me the left one is getting powered. Idk if that's relevant or not but it's something I picked up on.
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Did you try to switch speakers to A set instead of B?
Have you checked on front:

Is balance in middle, right set of speakers selected, right input selected?

Balance is in the middle. The correct set of speakers are chosen. A and B that is. B, the one that is playing music quietly, seems to be more highlighted than A (on the display). The right input is selected if that means my RCA to Aux cable is plugged into the CD input.
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Yes, perhaps we should first of all focus our attention on the speakers.

Tell us more about them.

I don't have much more information to tell you than that I bought them at a thrift store and the model they are is Bose 201 Series IV. I'm honestly not sure what other kind of details you want to know. The speakers are not blown out, and overall they seem to be in pretty decent shape.
People are quick to suggest swap speakers but I'd proceed with caution. If your left speaker has shorted you'll risk blowing your right channel and think you have a faulty speaker... Correct but now you have a dead amplifier too.

First you need some basic tools. Using a multimeter check the DC resistance across the non working speaker terminals. You should get a figure close to the rated impedance. If you get infinite impedance i.e open then there is break within the speaker. If you get a very low impedance you have a short. Do not plug it into the amp. If however you have close to the nominal impedance it is safe to use the speaker to connect to the working right channel to make sure the speaker works. If it does you've proven both speakers so the fault lies upstream on the left channel... Either cabling or amplifier or source
Ok it's a surround amp without mechanical pots. You are getting shitty sound on phono because You are overloading the phono stage and hearing scratched (distorted) sound.
Do the VU's move ? I mean full scale. If yes, I would say the problem is on the output stage. If they don't even move... You need a service manual to trace the signal. There are jumpers on the backside. Remove them and connect to the power amp in but lower the volume on the source. Do You get sound ? Now You know the problem is on the pre-stage.
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