Need Tripath TA0104A chip

James F.

2008-03-16 3:19 am
I bought a Carver Pro ZR-1600 on eBay, in "as is" condition,
and sure enough, when the amp got to me the right channel was

OK, so I'm willing to cough up the money to get the amp fixed.
I contacted Test Point, Inc., of Forest Hill MD, an outfit that
Google retrieved as a repairer of Carver Pro equipment.
I e-mailed their service department, and they replied that the
amp "should be" repairable, so I downloaded and filled out
their service-request form, and sent it, the amp, and a check
for $75 (their non-refundable estimate fee) to Test Point.

Got an e-mail today with the notation "Unit cannot be repaired.
Unit has a defective audio power amp IC and that part is
no longer available for purchase."

The "defective audio power amp IC" is presumably the Tripath
chip itself -- a TA0104A, if information on the Web is correct.

I going to propose to Test Point that they hold the amp and
let me try to find, and send to them, a TA0104A chip that
they can then use to repair the amp.

I am aware of Tripath's financial woes -- the fact that they
declared bankruptcy and were subsequently acquired by Cirrus Logic.

I am a little surprised, though, that an amplifier that was
current a couple of years ago is now being declared "unrepairable".

Can anybody suggest a source for this part?