need some advice picking components for this circuits (gain clone), please help!


2013-02-07 12:58 pm
Hi all,

I’m planning to build an amplifier using the circuit and psu shown here (from fellow poster Pedja at diyaudio) and I’m searching for capacitor types I should get for the circuits. I’m not searching for exotic parts or boutique ones, I need to know specially which capacitor materials should I use in each position: electrolytic, polypropilene, tantalum, mica, etc. and which brand is the best for each one.

Here you have the schematic of both the power supply and amplifier. I hope you can give me some guidance. Thanks in advance.

Power supply(the first one):


Pedja Rogic Audio Pages - Chip Based Power Amp i.e. Gainclone - Regulated Supplies



Pedja Rogic Audio Pages - Chip Based Power Amp i.e. Gainclone
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I suggest you build one of the gainclone versions being discussed around here at DIY; that design you linked to is weird (to say it in a kind way), to avoid calling it poorly designed.

And remember that the beauty behind the gainclone idea is "simpler is better", the opposite to what was shown there.

And sorry but I can't trust much something that besides being complex for no good reason, ends up being built like this:

EDIT: yes, you are seeing it right, besides the messy construction, the heatsinks are floating, "in the air", and those poor LM317 legs are supporting their weight.
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2003-07-23 7:06 pm
Am I the only one having trouble to see these pics? I've tried with Opera and Chrome with no success. The links do work for me, but I see several alternative circuits there.

JMFahey: this kinds of designs were very much discussed here, long ago--- you might want to check them out (or not). There were, back then, people building one configuration after the other, comparing them, and this sort of designs were, at the end, preferred by some more than all others. It might more complex than a simple GC, but that does not necessarily mean the design is, as you implied, poorly designed. In my opinion (and mine only) the designer was one of the people I read back then with more attention than most others.

I wouldn't discourage Santiago to try it out, and for sure, it does not necessarily have to built point to point.

Now again, I am the only one having trouble with the pics?
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