Need one 18W/8546-00, 6.5" Woofer


2008-06-18 2:58 am
Hi Everyone,

I have been clearing out my lab (since I might have to move soon-still no job after two years now!) and found a set of old speakers I never used. A close friend of my daughter wanted them so I decided to rewire them and give them to the friend. I finished painting them (the cheap wood veneer had fallen off even though the speakers were never used!) and then when listening to the rebuilt units I noticed one chan was way off!!! It turns out one of the 4 "18W/8546-00, 6.5" Woofers" from Scan-Speak had corroded internally and opened where the connection wire met the coil...and of course I had to destroy the bad driver to find that out!

Since I was basically giving them away I don't want to spend a lot on a replacement driver (especially if the other three might fail the same way!) does anyone have a used 18W/8546 they can sell me cheap? If not then these speakers are going in the dumpster as Madisound wants a ton of money for a replacement 18W/8546!... $213.00.

Thanks for helping me help someone else.

Audioman54 / Mark