need help

I just need some advice on building my frist subwoofer... I am trying to built an (transmission line subwoofer) with either an (Pioneer TS-W304C 12") or an (CERWIN-VEGA HED12 12") and I got the box worked out and everything... all i donno is if i should use that speakers also I need the Crossover and preamp. if anyone got any good design with schematic that u think suit my need, please msg me... and this is for home use...thanx... and I got this box design off someone... so tell me if I should use this


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2002-05-06 1:51 am
TL sub

Don't be discouraged - my first sub I ever built was a TL & it is fantastic.
Your design looks quite good, simple with not many folds (which is important) The only thing I can see which might potentially be a problem is the length which is 1.7m = 50hz at a 1/4 wavelength.
I'm guessing the drivers you mentioned are more like 30hz resonance, which means youn will need a lot of stuffing to tune down, (this can kill efficiency).
I would make the line a little bit longer, maybe 2m or 1m tall box, this will require less stuffing.
My subs are similar design but 1.2m high with the exit at the front just beneath the driver- this way I can position them close to a back wall, without boom.
PS. they are very musical but not that impressive for movies.
If it is primarily for HT then go for a ported/PR or even a bandpass sub.
Download something like WinISD put in the specs, make the box slighlty bigger than just suggested.