Need help with schematics and amp IC choice.


2019-12-09 5:27 am
I have been working on a project for a long time to add a headphone + 1" speaker amp to a handheld system.

So far I have tried both LM4808 and LM4880.
Started using the typical schematic, then various other ones found online.
In all cases these just remain very very quiet although they are sucessfully used in many products without the issue.

I also tried one of them premade TDA1308 boards and it was TOO loud lol, plus sounded terrible with the 1" speaker.

Could anyone guide me on how to work the LM amps gain? or even quickly adjust the typical schematic to give the needed gain?

Iv done everything I can think of but I must be missing something.(and misunderstanding the datasheet)

Note: the speaker will be something like this[IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD] (Already have the ability to send mono down one channel before the amp, stereo is required)