Need help with NAD C350, protection!


2007-10-10 10:23 pm
Hi! I may be of topic but i didnt now where to put this,

I recently got my hands on a NAD C350 integrated amp.
(home stereo).

But the amp goes in protection after 2-3 seconds.

I have checked the output transistors and they seeme to
be OK.

And i checked the drivers, and the seeme to be ok.
A litle hard to measure because the have mirrored
the pins on that transistor modell.

I removed all the drivers and started the amp.
And i got green light!

But what the hell? I measured them and there is no
short from what i can se. they all measure about 0.6 in
diod check, and same for the outputs.

Anyone have a clue what could be the problem?

I saw inside the case that signal earth had been repaired
for a couple of years ago. And i saw a fixed print. But cant
find anything that looks broken.

But you can se that the board is a bit darker around
the drivers and then there is 3 other transistors.
But none of them seemes to have a short.