Need help with my first project


2013-05-20 6:29 pm
Currently I'm using Dayton HTS-1200b satellites. I was planning on upgrading to a pair of bookshelf speakers and had some Infinity Primus P163 in mind. Then I remembered a user linking someone to the Silver Flutes a while back and he said they could be used in both Car Audio and HT. So after remembering that I've googled reviews about the SF and am very mindset on those. However I'm stuck there. I know nothing about crossovers and the kind of tweeter frequency to get to have everything matching as well as the xover.

I'm looking to spend $200 for the pair. I have the wood already. Most interested in a Soft Silk Dome Tweeter as I use those in my car audio. I'm not a brand specific person so I'm open to all. I'm more of a review and best bang for buck person. If it has good reviews then I'm in.

So far I picked these to use. Silver Flute W17RC38-08 off Madisound. $73.43 shipped.

For about the same price as the Infinity speakers, I know I could build myself something and it would sound better. I HOPE. :) Thanks.

Edit: If there are other DIY projects with this midrange then I'll be glad to follow their project.
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