need help with first sub enclosures

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Hello, i just purchased my first 2 subwoofers - they are Pioneer TS-W301R's 12" and i have been trying to figure out all day what dimensions the box has to be.

The reason i am so unsure, and one of the things i want to know, is weather or not the part of the subwoofer that sits inside the box effects the volume of the box.

I would also like to know what dimensions you would recommend for the box? i am going with a sealed box btw.

and finally, i would like to know what the best way to wire these to subs would be - i have a mono AudioLine AL8001ZX amp and dont know weather they should be wired in series or parallel.

Sorry im such a n00b but you gotta learn sometime! Thanks in advance!
hmmm, no expert on this stuf myself. But I know enough to say that your going to have to give way more information! The specs of the amp and speakers would be good, I doubt anybody's going to go to the effort of looking them up for you!
(Not meaning to be rude, just one noob giving advice to another)
Amp and Sub Details

Okay so the amp is an Audioline AL8001ZX its mono channel 800watt max power output. the instruction book and box does not list the RMS though :S

as for the subs, they are 12" Pioneer TS-W301R's, that are 800watts max and 150watts RMS.

im not really sure what other information is applicable to this but please let me know!
What is the impedance of the speakers?
What impedance can the amp deal with?
What do you want to use the subs for when finished?
You really need to do a lot more research. Unfortunatly designing speakers seems to be one of the most difficult things to do. Unless you just want to shake walls, then unless someone else sugests something better you would be best building a box that "looks about right".
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yes you have to substract the part of the sub thats inside the box from the box volume when doing calculations or sofware modeling.

the "volume" that software models is the volume of air in the box, not the volume of anything else that may be in there.

and if you have some bass reflex ports/vents in the box you have to subtract their volume from the box volume too.

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