Need Help with + _ 90-100 volt regulated power supplies

I am currently rebuilding two Hafler DH-500 amps, using toroidal transformers, Fred rectifiers and Musical Concepts PA-3E boards
with black gate caps, and 4 - 39,000 uf main caps per amp. To be used to bi-amp my SDA-SRS speakers which I just purchased on e-bay and have since reworked with new mils resistors and Polyproplyene caps

I am looking for a state of the art power supply -+ 95 volt for the
front end, low level and drivers. I plan to leave the Mosfets unregulated.

I have built several power supplies, based on Boak, Sultzer and Jung designs . Using NE-5534 and LM317-LM337's and floating zener designs, for other Hafler, Dynaco 416, Leach Super Amps, and the Marsh pre-amp about 20-25 years ago. But haven't done much since then

What is the power supply design that will give me the best
results, for my new system. Also I need advice regarding removing
the resistor that separates the Mosfet drivers from the front end

My Initial aproach is use the LM317 and LM337 and float them
using a Zener String using seperate 5-10 volt transformers coupled to the main transformer to give a voltage boost ,rectify and regulate all with a common ground

I would appreciate any advice that anyone has.


Bill (wrich22)

Louisville, Ky


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2006-11-02 6:15 pm
For a high voltage regulator have a look at

Fig. 11 in Linear Technologies Application Note 2, August 1984, Performance Enhancement Techniques for Three Terminal Regulators.


National Semiconductor Linear Brief LB-47, March 1980, High Voltage Adjustable Power Supplies.

For more advice on the amp consider a posting in the Solid State section of the forum.

Good luck,