Need help - using J A Burgess 45 SE amp for headphones


2005-10-13 7:09 pm
I tried using a J A Burgess 45 tube amp to drive both my HD650 and LCD 2. In both cases I got loud hum and very faint music. I tested the 45 amp with a speaker with 6 ohm nominal impedance and there is no hum - although the volume is quite low - the amp only puts out 1 W or so.

I paralleled a 5 ohm resistor on the speaker terminals and the hum persists but not as loud although the music comes through much louder.

In all scenarios, the hum volume is not attenuated by the volume pot position.

The amp uses 45 output tubes and is output transformer coupled.

I am puzzled. Any thoughts what's going on here?