Need Help - Trying to Build Passive Stereo 1 in, 2 out XLR A/B Switch

Hi there!

I've browsed this forum a lot but haven't actually posted here before.

I've recently fabricated a mobile rack with some cool features - it's got 8 channels of wireless mics feeding a Behringer Air 16, a Scarlett 2i2, and a second Yamaha desktop mixer for polishing output level before everything runs out to a pair of powered speakers.

The conundrum I have is that I want to take my main L and R from the Behringer and direct it either into the 2 inputs of the 2i2 (that feed into the Yamaha mixer via its L and R line out), or straight to two XLR inputs on the Yamaha mixer (for applications that won't require the audio interface).

Everyone I've talked to pointed me towards a 4PDT switch - so I got one of these:

I'm simply trying to route 1 stereo XLR source in and toggle ON/ON between 2 stereo XLR outputs. How can I wire this up?

This is the wiring diagram of a two channel XLR A/B switcher using a 4PDT switch.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 00-09-08 Need Help - Trying to Build Passive Stereo 1 in 2 out XLR A_...png