Need help to find this slide pot

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I bought a used 1985 Takamine guitar, it's great!!, with the exception of the gain potentiometer on the onboard preamp. The bottom end of the slider is just dead, and then at 40-50%, when it finally makes contact, it's just too much, screams... especially in comparison to my older '78 Tak with simular preamp (same settings on guitar amp). Yeah, I tried cleaning spray.

It's a slick trick to get these out of the guitar, but with help from the Takamine Forum, that's done. But I can't find a replacement anywhere from a US distributor. Seriously been researching for weeks.


It's a linear 50k ohm slide potentiometer, OE- "Noble B50k" is the only stamp on the bottom. Measures 20mm travel, 35mm long, 31mm o-----o (screws), 13mm height, with a 15mm forked lever.


Alpha does make one- 3SP/S2006N-A1 B50k
and Song Huei- SL-20V2-B50K,L-15A/PCB
But neither companies distribute to any US electronics suppliers, yup, checked Mouser, and a bazillion others.

I'd like to replace it with a 100k to bring it down? Need some advice here?

The input impedance is 2.2M ohm from the Takamine oe piezo pickup...

Thanks for any help!
Hello Fran, and thanks for your reply! Yes, I have contacted Noble by email. Their reply was that their factory runs parts in lots of 1000, and to contact a supplier if I only wanted one or two.

And l've checked supply or contacted just about every supplier listed on the www, hundreds of them.

The Taiwan Company Song Huei, produces one that is very similar in footprint to the OE one, and their contact has been so very helpful & gracious. We're still communicating the pin locations etc, for an exact fit. (the part is < $0.50 USD) But it is a real hassle to figure out the shipping arrangements and very costly. A manufacturer like that, overseas, packages the part, and then the buyer is responsible for arranging the pick up and shipping for it in most cases. Payment up front, and no guaranty. Everything is up to the buyer. It's called FOB.

But Song Huei is just about the only positive lead and contact I've come across. It's amazing to me how gracious they've been and willing to work with me! We've been emailing now for over a week.

So in posting this, I'm still looking for an easier, less costly alternative. Maybe someone owns an old preamp like this with a set of good sliders in it? Or has a stash of slide pots that might work, here in the USA. It's the shipping that's the killer + not willing to buy a thousand of them.

Their must be a lot of these guitars from the 70's & 80's with slide potentiometers that are worn out? They DO have a lifespan and eventually get "hinky".

So maybe I should set up a repair shop & become an importer?

Thanks! And I'm still looking!
Thank you M!

You pot looks like it's a "low" profile model also, besides the pin out difference? So even if the lever is 15mm high, the body is too low? when mounted on my circuit board, the lever wouldn't make it though the cover with enough sticking out, to put a button knob on it, maybe not even enough to touch it? The body on mine is 13mm high.

Nice macro pic by the way!

Who makes it and what model number so I may take a closer look at the specs?

Thank you,

Here's the spec's on the Alpha pot (3SP/S2006N-A1 B50k or B100k) that would fit my Takamine preamp cb-


(the "L" for the lever would be 15mm)

If anyone knows where I could order a few here in the USA? I'm looking for both LINEAR & AUDIO (log) pots, in 50k & 100k ohms.

If anyone is interested in helping me draw this circuit and its components out in a diagram.... I've got the drawing started & have all of the resistors down... (the EASY part), but I sure could use some help with the 2 transistors and a few other things that are as yet unidentified???

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