need help repairing ppi 4400m


2011-05-17 10:12 pm
let me just tell you happened to my amp i bought it used and had it while doin nothing so 1 of my friend came and asked for it borrow so i lent him an helped with the installation and it worked good but he went on his own an tried to rewire it an he did something to it not sure just was not powering up so i carried it by a guy to get it repaired after sum time about two weeks i went to collect my amp but he told me that had didn't get time to fix it this went on for about 7 months so i got vex an asked him for came home and saw the amp was striped of all transistors and a few resistors and the ic that was near the 2 big 1000uf capacitors i wanted to dump this but changed my mind i know all of the original transistors but being that all were out already and i can't get the oringinal part what can i use
if i can use a transistor that can even give me 1watt more power i will buy an use that instead also i only plan to run this amp bridged to play two 4ohm speaker


2011-05-17 10:12 pm
when i replace the parts there is a good chance it might not power up still so any ideas what might have been the cause
i suspect he might have crossed sum wires
all the aother componets within the amp has no visual defects so i guess it could have been his fault of crossing wires

from those pictures i can tell you what and where it is missin
again all transistors
resistors r17 r19 r21 r39 r41 r43
all of them are on the output side of the amp
the colour code are red red silver gold
r136 is next to where big ic was and next to the 1000uf 50v cap

r130 its behind the small switch next

Ian Finch

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2010-04-11 4:22 am
Coffs Harbour, NSW
The links you posted above are to another forum that requires paying a fee to access your information. Whatever the dollars involved, that's not going to happen. The PPI 4400 is also a piece of car audio gear which you'll find already discussed in the Car Audio Forum.
Try posting there or ask moderators to shift your posts by reporting your own post, if necessary.