Need help repairing MGIIA tweeter

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I was given a pair of Magnepan MGIIA with defective tweeter.
I disassembled one unit, to me, it looks like a AWG32 aluminum wire.
I figured replacing it with AWG34 copper wire would give the same dc resistance.
Unfortunately, it does not work as expected, I have no output pass 5khz.

Any suggestion welcome!
I completely agree with tyu on this. I have repaired a couple of sets of MGIIC with the repair kit sold by Magnepan. Make sure you clean the old adhesive off very well before replacing with new wire. The biggest issue is trying to solder to the aluminum wire with the silver solder. If you buy their kit it will come with everything needed.
And if you're looking for a reason, the likely source of the trouble is the weight involved. Aluminum is 61% the conductivity of copper, but only 30% the weight.

While your 2 steps in wire gauge fixed the resistivity end of the problem, it did not match the weight. Increased moving mass produces rolled off high frequencies.
I have been doing these re-wires bass&tweeter wire for years...pass on doing the bass wire it never sounds the same..get a used pr or try the alum ribbon not as loud as the wire....I get maggys for $10 a pr off CL...the tweeter yes yes eze........Not the kit...I get one roll more than a nuf for two some alum solder,an little fulx from magnepan….tweeters is the only palace the3M 377 works...good on the tweeter wire..i never get or pay for the kit my way was $15 + shipping..I buy 77 spray glue from I don't put any thing ontop of the tweeter wire....well (lite coat) of spray pant....$1.buk can.... it the drires in the spray pant that pulls an set the wire great....25 years...
Good luck have fun....maggys are great sound …..for vary little output cash
Best sounding older type Are the MG1c...just little biger than the great SMGa
Well to me...I got the MG2.5r,MG2c,MG1c,MMGs,SMGa...the 1c just sound right
As with all panels tube amp should be used as thay were made for...will the older one that wire faces back...
The copper vs. aluminium wire will result in about double the mass for the copper for a given resistance, that will limit the higher frequencies. The aluminium wire used by Magnepan is coated. It can be soldered but you will need a special solder (expensive). Better to use the connectors used by Magnepan.
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