Need help locating bass & treble pots for 1st gen P150

I'm trying to find some pots (bass, treble) for a old first gen Punch150 and speaker fuses the small 6 amp ones (I just wish they sold them locally). I know Perry Babin knows something that I can use to put in the place of one of the pots? Oh yeah two of the 2N6490's were shorted but the rest of the outputs survived so can I use the old left over transistors from a previous P150? I replaced all of the outputs and I got one channels worth of good output transistors. I've been trying to fix this amp for nearly a year too! So it's time to get it off the shelf now.
You can install used outputs for testing but I'd suggest that you replace them with new ones if you plan on using the amp.

Are you going to be using the amp for bass, highs or full range?

No I'm not going to use it for bass I got another one like this already. I'd like to use it for highs so it doesn't really matter if it plays bass or not. So I can put in resistors where the pots were right? Oh yeah that's what I wanted to know if use a used transistor in here in place of the bad one.
It will play normally without the bass pot. The treble pot needs to be replaced with resistors if you have no potentiometer. If you don't have to have a pot that fits perfectly, there are a lot of smaller stereo 5k pots on ebay. You'd likely have to hardwire 5 of the 6 legs (cut all but the front/center off flush) but it would work.

I looked on ebay but they are all in china/hong kong and i really don't want to risk purchasing fake parts. Also do capacitors dry up? The filter capacitor is coming off the board and so is one of the 16v caps is coming off.
The capacitors will leak electrolyte and dry up. If the rubber seal has been blown out of the bottom of the cap, it's definitely defective.

I've seen some of the pots from China and Hong Kong. They're usable. They can't be fake if they're not claiming to be anything specific. A friend of mine (amp was in photos in link I posted previously) has used them without any problems.