Need help ID'ing a part.

Hello -

For the life of me, I have not been able to ID a part I need to replace in a pair of speakers. The speakers are a pair of recently-acquired Infinity 3000's. The potentiometers/resistors on the backs of the speakers that control the treble and midrange levels have started to degrade, and I'd like to replace them. I opened the speakers and the only markings on the pots are:

(on the knob side): Clarostat
(on the back side) CM42686 - 5 Ohm - 625-7903

Are these just plain 5ohm pots? How would I determine the wattage, etc.?

Searching google for 45 minutes didn't give me anything.

If posting a photo will help, I can try to do this.

Any help anyone can provide will be GREATLY appreciated. I'm looking forward to restoring these speakers to their original glory!

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the suggestion. That's actually the first place I looked. Turns out these are actually l-pads and I was searching for just potentiometers. I found some at MCM that should make good replacements. Do you think going from a 5 ohm l-pad to an 8 ohm l-pad will make a noticable difference in the sound these speakers put out?