Need help identifying a connector on a 2000 Honda Civic radio

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So I'm browsing the internet trying to find a way to connect my Ipod to my car. I know there's short range radio transmitters out there, but I'd really just like a simple aux-input type thing with RCA connectors. I found a couple of sites that encouraged the use of P.I.E. or Blitzsafe HON-AUX input converters to turn the cd-changer port on the back of my radio into RCA jacks, but these cost no less than $50 everwhere I look. Not exactly what I was looking for.

After some searching, I found , which shows the connectors on the back of my radio. The one on the left is the auxiliary port. This diagram shows the pinouts, which encourages me to try to hack together a simple connector. I know it *probably* won't be that easy, but I'd still like to give it a try.

Basically, what I'm looking for is twofold: I want to know if anyone has an idea of where I can find a "14-pin H-Bus connector" (female) that I can experiment with, or even what that connector actually is; and, if anyone has any sort of technical documents or manuals for Honda stereos that might explain what a device has to do to connect to such a port. If the port can be easily tricked into turning on, then the integration is really simple; even if it only takes like minor electronics to fool it, maybe that would cost less than $50.

PS - I'm open to any and all cheaper suggestions for connecting an Ipod directly to a car stereo.
The previous generation Honda radios (-99 I think) were made by Alpine, and used the Apline M-BUS. I have an Alpine adaptor that converts the M-bus to two RCAs. It does so by simply connecting to the R+/- and L+/- connections. I think the radios are now made by either Panasonic or Clarion (I used to know this stuff).

Anyway, I would try to apply signal to the input pins and see if that enables the Aux input automatically. If not, I *think* you need to apply ground to the bus pin, but not toally sure.

I did find this which will help you on your quest. It might not be your radio, but it has a full schematic of a Honda radio with H-Bus:

Cut the URL after .../panasonic/ and you will see more choices.

Good luck, and if you figure it out, post the answer.
I never did manage to get this to work... actually, I never tried to wire anything at all. I ended up buying a FM transmitter, since it was only like $15.

Have you tried just playing audio into the l and r channels and see what happens? If that doesn't do it, you probably want to try and short pin 4 (Bus Out). That may trick the receiver into allowing aux input.

Anyone know what "shide" means? They use that word in the schematic posted above, and I'm not familiar with it.

Let me know if it works out!
I have an 02 Accord, and I've been thinking about doing the same thing: using the aux input.

Let's say that you have a cd changer hooked up. How do you select it from the hu? There is no cd changer button on it. Does it use one of the other buttons (am, fm, tape, cd)? Even with the changer hooked up, the hu should still switch between radio, tape, and internal cd player. So how would it know when you want to play a cd internally, or use the changer? Or does it disable the internal cd drive?

From what I've read, some cars have those kinds of radios with xm hooked up to the aux input. So there must be some way to select it. The car manual doesn't say anything about that though.
You use the CD button

I bought an FM transmitter, and was not happy with the sound quality. It was a really nice one too.

I have already wired the lch, rch, and the audio common. I have used the power b to transmit power all through the different bus pins. Fortunately ,my brother in law works for panasonic. He is supposed to call me back tomorrow with how to do it. He designs speaker systems for cars, but his buddy does interfaces. Once I know, you will know.

Moebius et al,

I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure how to activate the CD input without the CD player. It sound like you are close. Did you get an answer from your brother-in-law yet?

I'm starting to think I'll have to break down and get a Blitzsafe, PIE, or PAC adapter. However, I *really* don't think I should pay them $50+ for a couple of electrical components that are worth $0.50. :mad:

Hey guys..

Just came across your post as I was doing research on how to add an IPOD or Aux input to my factory 2001 civic radio.

I took a look at the circuit diagram posted above and it looks like there may be a couple ways of doing this... without having to buy some $50-$250 gadget.

the first option found on page 6. Look for the chip IC250. This is the switch which selects between the CD player and the CD changer. At the bottom of the little box you can see that it is triggered by a signal called "CD/CD" in pins 2 and 16. This signal comes from another chip called IC701 found in the bottom right corner of the diagram. (the signal passes through a transistor for amplification). If we could take an oscilloscope to the inputs on IC250 pin 2 and 16 and determine what the trigger signal looks like, we may be able to fool the chip to switch to the cd changer. (note that pins 2 and 16 are tied together according to the block diagram on pg 27). If the signal is a simple constant voltage or constant ground connection, it would be easy to wire in a switch.

The other option is to cut the tracks leading into IC200 pins 3 and 34 and splice in a switch between the original lines and the inputs from an aux device. IC200 is the volume control chip which takes in the signal from the CD and radio, applies the EQ, fade and balance settings and sends the final signal to the power amp.

I haven't had any time to actually try this stuff out. Just tossing ideas into the air.

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