Need help finding a diod.


2006-01-29 10:09 pm
From Texas datasheet on the PCM2902E:

D1: Schottky barrier diod (Vf < 350mV at 10mA, Ir < 2 uA at 4V)

Have been looking around at many sites now and maybe im stupid, but I cant find a suited one. Does anyone here have any recommendations? Surfacemounted ones workes to...

Best regards...


2007-03-24 7:54 am
NSR0230 seems like it fits the bill. Some others come close:

BAR42 (and others in the series) is almost in spec, if you take typical values and not maximums. 1SS416 (and others in the series) seem like they'd be in spec, but you should probably measure them to be sure. SSA24 should be in spec as well, as far as I can tell. ZLLS410 is damn close and if measured is probably fine.

I'm surprised with those criteria that they don't suggest specific parts.