Need help buying parts

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hey my names mike and i need help with my amp. i have a lanzar 1200-d Lanzar Vibe 1200D inside - Amp Guts

im trying to fix it, when i power it up the copper donut inductor starts smoking. (to the left of that white resistor thing) , turning that white resistor black, also those blue rectangle capacitors (106k250 on the top) 3 of them have black burnt residue on them.

so i where can i buy the copper donut output inductor thing, those blue rectangle capacitors, and white resistor thing.

sorry i do not know the technical names, or specs for any of the parts

i emailed lanzar and they were useless. they said the model is discontinued and cant help.

i took the amp to my local repair shop, but they wanted $140. which i payed $180 for it so im trying to fix it myself, my first amp repair attempt.
where can i order these parts??

i removed the donut copper inductor and the amp powers up fine and nothing heats up. but theres 18vDC across speaker terminal. with it in there was 0vDC across the terminals.
hey thanks for the reply
sorry i cant post pics dont have a camera.
half of the inductor is good the other half is all crudded up. id rather buy a new one than rewind it. i know its hard not knowing the inductance of it but it measure 1 inch 7/16 wide and 1 inch tall. measurements are not exact dont with a tape measure. i know sorry. the resistor measure 3.4 ohm it says 3.3 on its side. i ohm checked the capacitors but the number goes up like its charging it. i think the cap and resistor are good but i just dont like the burnt look of them and one cap looks like it has a little bulge.

you have a very good website perry, do you plan on making your tut into a dvd?
i want to get it to learn but my cpu is old and cant run it.
Can you get a more accurate measurement on the core of the inductor?

Have you tried contacting Lanzar to see if they will sell you a replacement inductor?

I'm assuming that you're referring to THIS and not THIS. The tutorial will never be a DVD video. The text and photos format is much better than video for this type of information. The reason it's on DVD is because it is too much data for CD.
i emailed lanzar they have discontinued this amp for years now, and do not provide tech support for it.
i measured the inductor from copper to copper i didnt unwind it to measure core.
(output inductor = 3.5 cm wide, 2.4 cm tall) one strand of the copper wire winding is almost 1 cm.
(the blue rectangle capacitor = 3.1 cm wide, 2 cm tall)
(the white resistor = 1.3 cm wide, 2.5 cm tall)

can i buy these at radioshack? the cap, and resistor look fine except covered in black soot, so i wanna also buy these just in case they're bad.
can i replace the inductor with a core less air inductor? if i cant find the same inductor is it better to get a bigger one more inductance or smaller one less inductance?
i have to buy a dial caliper, are there different ones like for mm, cm etc.
when i get the caliper do i need to unwind the copper to measure the core.
cant believe its this hard to order a part

807tubenut theres a yellow tape band across the center of the core thats half melted other half is ok can it still be rewound? if you give me your info i can mail it to you
If you're going to have 807tubenut rewind it, you don't need a dial caliper.

Sometimes, excessive heat can cause core properties to shift. If you send him the inductor to be rewound, you should also send the other one so he can compare the values of each of them (after rewinding) to confirm that the cores are OK.

For the resistors and capacitors, I wouldn't replace them. If you want to replace them, you can find the parts at digikey (and possibly at mouser). The capacitors won't be identical but will work.
Yes, It can be rewound, if the core is damaged, Ill have to find a suitable replacement. Perry is correct, Ill need a working one to pull specs from, sending the whole amp would be far better, I can assure safe removal of the inductors.

Ill do you a solid on this one, no labor, just parts cost and shipping. Return the favor to a human in need and were square.
If you need cores, CWS Bytemark has them. I've been using the molypermalloy cores with a permeability of 125 when I needed the cores for similar amps with the larger inductors. The CM330125 or the CM343125 may work here. They're a bit expensive ($7 each) and you'll need 2 per inductor. The cheaper cores (sendust or high flux) will likely work also but will run a bit hotter (but probably no hotter than the originals).

Molypermalloy (MPP) Toroidal Cores for Output Choke and Inductors : CWS ByteMark, largest supplier of toroids, ferrite cores, iron powder cores, MPP cores and RF cores
Thanks Perry, I have a local motor and transformer shop around the corner from HQ that's well stocked for most situations. Id like to try that core type on my smps test bed, iv got a antek 7kg 8" doughnut in there right now, with massive to-243 drivers, and to-205 switching fets. just over 400va @ 300VCT, Id like to build a 50kw class A some day :) without tubes....
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