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Need good wire.

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I need 4 meters of good interconnect wire. One conductor and awesome shield should do.

I tried oxygen free copper wire from Mouser, but it was in PVC and very hard to keep the shield from contacting the center wire.

I'm using this wire for a component video connector(s). The wire I have barely works. It still puts blue lines on the screen every once in a while. I hope it's the wire anyway!

So, I'm looking for 12-18 gauge center connector and braided shield. If that doesn't do it, I'll have to get my TV looked at.
Mouser has such wire, but it's in 100' spools only. I'm not going to buy it to get 12' out of it.

I would suggest either the belden 89259 or 88232(I think that is right).

Both are bare copper with FEP teflon jacket and foamed teflom insulation.

The first has a stranded (18 awg?)center with a braided jacket. It is a coax design. Costs about $1/ft

the second has a solid conductor with two isolated braded jackets. It is a triax design. Costs about $2/ft.

I have used both with great success. While I don't have any extra at the moment (may have some 89259 in a couple months..but htat wont help you), you can order it from http://www.anexter.com I have seen them with spools as short as 30ft.

Good luck!

one of the absolute best coax cables i have found is Belden 1505A. it is RG59 so only 20 gauge center conductor but that doesn't matter, this cable is amazing. 2GHz bandwidth, and great for audio/video/digital signals. try buying from pacific radio (http://www.pacrad.com/index.shtml), you can buy less than 100' if you get the standard black color. i have a feeling you'll need to buy more than 12' but it's pretty cheap, just buy 40' or so and keep the extra wire handy. i also highly recommend using Canare 75ohm RCA plugs, they are excellent for video and will improve the picture further... you will need to get a coax cable crimper though, any decent $15 generic one will do.

Try GEPCO wire and cable in Chicago. GEPCO is the choice of almost all of the large network broadcasters. They manufacture all of their products and they are really first class! They will sell you any length of any of their products you want to buy. They are also have a huge inventory of connectors, patch bays, and breakout boxes for building your own.
Mark Gulbrandsen

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