Need FRD&ZMA files for SB Acoustics SB15NBAC30-8


2019-10-22 9:10 pm
i would like to build a 2-way bookshelf speaker using the SB Acoustics SB15NBAC30-8 5'' mid-bass woofer, but cant find the files necessary for designing the crossover in software, and i have seen other people ask for these files for other SB acoustics woofers, and actually getting them, so i hope i'll also get lucky and someone helps me out :D if im dumb and have overlooked them somewhere, please redirect me via link.

link to the woofer:
SB Acoustics :: 5” SB15NBAC30-8
VituixCAD, documented in the software section of this site, is one of the better free crossover modelling programs out there.
It has a module in it which can trace an image of the freq and impedance responses and derive the FRD & ZMA files.
It's probably worth downloading and having a try yourself, but if you find you're struggling I may have time to do it later.
One other thing you'll need to decide is the baffle size and layout of your planned design - that will impact the frequency response too via bafflestep losses and diffraction. Again, VituixCAD can model this for you.