Need for Bruel & Kjaer manuals


2007-12-15 3:01 pm
Has anyone the manuals (service, operational or both) for the following equipment from Bruel & Kjaer
Electronic voltmeter 2426
Conditioning amplifier 2626
Measuring amplifier 2607
Tracking filter 5716
They are difficult to obtain from internet.
I don’t know any reliable site for purchasing the manuals.
Thank you in advance.


2010-05-26 10:08 pm
Bruel & Kjaer user / service manuals

Try [email protected] . I came across the gentleman one day who was advertising B & K user & service manuals on ebay and contacted him on some that I don't have in my library. I believe he charges about $40 ea, but stated they are originals.

I don't have anything for the 2626, but do have the 2426 Service & 2607 Owners & Service manuals in my library.

[email protected]
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2007-12-15 3:01 pm
Thank you guys for your interest.
Especially, nevetslab (Steve), Bassamps and cliffyk.
I already had the catalog description, which is very informative for the 2626, but I try to find the service manual. Mine 2626 is in working condition, but I would like to be prepared ….just in case (we are talking about old machines). And of course, I will try to do the same, for the 5716 (a not so well functioning, tracking filter).