Need EXPERTS on budget to mid level cd players.


2006-12-29 6:30 am
I have read a lot of posts on here of mods to players and such. Many of the parts kits are for much more advanced electronics experts I feel that seem to not include any instructions, just the parts. I flat out am a novice at mods like these but have excellent soldering skills. If you can be so kind as to recommend me a CD player that is well beyond a shelf unit stock or modified, that would be great! Or does anyone on this forum mod players for people..? I am starting to collect a few higher end cd's playback wise and want player that can play them to full potential.

- What brand budget to mid level player would you recommend "$500 and under"?
- Do you know of a mod kit for the recommended player that has easy to follow instructions or photo instructions for noobs?

I have looked into a shanling scd-s300 solid state player... or a modified oppo...

Thanks in advance for your time and input.

Just a side note, my equipment so far....
- Peter Daniels lm4780 dual mono chip amps "in progress, post in the chip amp section about the build"
- Zaph ZD5's "order drivers as soon as tax money comes in"
- Transcendent sound GG preamp. "After a listen and review, I am hooked!"
- Custom 10" subs being built for stereo use
- Amps for subs... still searching / want to use DIY amps..
- On the fence about passive crossovers or active for subs / zd5's


2006-12-29 6:30 am
Made my decision to go with the oppo 980H. Got to sample one locally and for the money and anything I have heard bone stock going for 5x that much, I could not be anymore happy. Heck if they sold it for $600 I would slap down the cash and it would still be my choice *LOL* Such a treat that they make such a stellar SQ player for so little coin.

Also my 981hd has simply been great. Movies look stellar on my 65"hd and it has never let me down. Rock solid product so I am happy to support the company.