Need expert help on a project, ETI-488 100W

I want to know if it possible to bridge 4 or even more unit of this amp because I want to built a very strong amp, I can already get a 500VA 35-35 transformer for +- $102 just remember I life in South Africa it’s R613.00 there

The resone why I want to use this ETI-480 because it’s the only one I can make and understand well enough I already build 2 modules in other amp in my modified maranz model 1060, It’s all done with parts my friends give me and other stuff, so I where lucky there


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And in my papers it tell me how to bridge 2 units but I don’t understand that coz it sound like that dude also didn’t know what he’s talking about it’s making me confessed

Is where a way to put more output transistors on a unit


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2001-02-04 4:23 am
A 35-0-35 500VA transformer will drive 350W/8R for one (bridged) channel. The MJ15003/04 would be best, but the drivers will need to be changed to MJE15028/29 (or higher PN), and mounted upside down (because pin-out is reversed). Other changes will also be needed.

If driving 4R the outputs will need to be doubled (if only driving 8R with REAL GOOD heatsinks one pair will be OK), and a bigger transformer used.

A 30-0-30 700VA transformer will drive 250W/8R in stereo, about 350W/4R (limited duty cycle).