Need datasheet

Found it!

Hi All,
I found the CXD2500 & CXA1372 datasheet on a Russian site:

Go to Sony, don't let the Russian letters scare you, and open the search window, once you have found the datasheet name in English! press the button. My Microsoft Internetexplorer now starts downloading immedeately and will crash in a few seconds; thank you very much Bill Gates!; but if you use Netscape the PDF datasheet can be downloaded. Be patient, slow loading. I found 48 pages of detailed information on the CXD2500!!
I also found a supplier for the obsolete CXD2500: Techsonicusa.
From Sony Amsterdam, Netherlands I got a new(replacement) partnumber 8-752-347-70. The old paertnumber is 8-752-333-31
I don't know the new CXD#; forgot to ask. They are twice as expensive as Techsonic!:)