need crossover help!

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I'm going to try and explain this as best as I can. I have a set of fronts, a MTMWW design using the Peerless HDS tweeter and 4 Peerless HDS 6.5 mid/woofers. I ordered all the parts from Solen and had someone put the crossover together for me.

Now, I'm building the center channel to match using the same crossover and an MTM layout. I phoned Solen and told them to look at the order and send me the appropriate parts. I received them today and heres what I got:

1 33 Ohms 10W
1 3.3 Ohms 10W
1 2.7 Ohms 10W

1 1.0mH 1.2 16x32x64
1 0.47mH 0.8 11x22x45
1 0.33mH 0.8 11x22x45

1 3.3 mfd 400v 17x33
1 6.8 mfd 400v 24x33

and the tweeter and two mid/woofers.

Now, heres where my problem lays. Even though the previous order and this order match on paper, it seems like some of the parts are different, AND, I seem to be missing one resistor. I only have 3 resistors, but the crossover in my front speakers have four. So, I'm wondering if that has anythign to do with the woofer? I'm brand new to crossover and know nothing about them...but I'm hoping to assemble this one by myself as I have bought all the necessary tools.

So, I'm those parts sound correct for a MTM center channel using the Peerless HDS tweeter and mid/woofers? If they do, can someone maybe quickly explain how to arrange them? I would really really appreciate any help you guys can give me here.

Thank you very much, and sorry for the long post.

For reference, here is the picture of the crossover that I have in my fronts.
In order to create a crossover, you need a schematic diagram.
If you don't already know, that's a logical diagram that answers the question, what parts are connected to what other parts.

If you have a schematic for your 3 way, post it and we can tell you very quickly if you are missing a resistor.

Without it, I would simply be guessing.


i don't have a diagram :(

I was hoping I could just duplicate the crossover I already had made without the low pass. theres no way you can tell just by the list of parts?

Can you tell if those parts sound more suitable to a Vifa XT25 rather than the Peerless? Im sorry I don't know if thats unreasonable to ask of you...I don't know anything about crossovers yet.
even to duplicate, you'll have to trace out the connections on the existing XO.

Try and create it by starting with the amp connections on the left of the page, tweeter top right, woofer(mid) bottom right and fill in the components in between. Black terminal is ground and probably goes to all speakers. Draw that connection on the bottom of the page.

That or get the schematic from the guy who built the original XO.
looks like the parts are right according to the new XO design. Can you trace out your old XO against this schematic and see where the 4th resistor goes?


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