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Hello to the few who have been reading my posts.

Been playing around with x-over points and what have you with my little two way morel hi-vi combo. I got it sort of listenable still a lttle atten needed in mid range but thats not the issue now.

I am guesstimating the system eff at 86 or 87 db which i am/was using a 35 watt pioneer from the late 70 early 80's era. SX-737 35 watts apparently. For fun my friend brought over his Denon Home theatre reciever 90 watts x 5 . Now on my Pioneer i get the Winamp/Soundblaster output control about 90 % and them use the reciever volume control. AT 60 % volume there is noticable distortion all spectrum.

We hooked his up with the computer settings the same and just wired into the front channels. Distinct difference in sound and when we got to 60 % about distortion started again but it was nearly ear destroying loud. I am aware that double power = double percieved output ( close enough )

Why is his distorting when i am guessing we hadnt topped out yet ?
More controled bass (what there is of it in a sealed box) and nice clean highs sltill thick in the mid but distortion once we get 60 % of the POT into it.

Anyone hazard a guess or comment into what it might be ?

I am going out to buy more caps and some formers, making exact values is actually not as boring as i thought it might become. :)
Re: Re: Need comments or opinions

Cal Weldon said:

Glad it was that easy to sort out. Just goes to show you we're all human. I hope you slapped yourself really hard. :D

10 times the power is double the (percieved) volume. 2 times the power is 3dB increase.


OUCH and ^0^ ! 10 times the power thats right i sorta remember. 2. something volts then 26 or 28 volts , i cant remember to double the spl or 4 times the surface area .

Cal why would the mono button cause so much distortion though ??
Is there anything different about ribbons vs Domes that would negate the use of 1st order crossover topology? I mean should the planar/ribbon tweeter be crossedover at a higher order then a dome should be ? Electricaly speaking, because so far it 'sounds' ok.
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