need comments on seas CA21RE

i want to build a speaker in sealed enclosure, and seas ca21re seems match my criteria, and i'm thinking of matching them with the sonotex tweeter.

i need some comments on this setup and the drivers too if anyone had test it or use it.


it seems I am 11 years too late but a 2 way is a tough ask for this driver. large rise in F's at around 500hz is the challenge with the crossover.
hi Henry,

yes that was suggested on the SB thread. I have sealed the boxes and filled them with poly fill and the crossover is external.

A matter of fact I am listening to them right as I type. STUNNING. The quality of these drivers is absurd for what you pay. The SB23 is an amazingly detailed driver for mid range. crossed over low enough I feel they are better than all 8 inch mid/woofers I have used previously. They sort of remind me of a bigger version of the Vifa PL18po- No scratch that they are Scan speak level.

I am going to let them run in as with most paper woofers need some workout to get them at their best.
going to try some bigger inductors on the crossover to try and push the bass levels in this sealed box.
great to know u enjoy it. it was designed based on revelator tech, i was impress also with the sb15 and sb17.

ill have satori playing by this end of the month :)

Hi Henry,

can't wait for the Satori's, after your done I can run around the corner and pick up the drivers from the factory and use your design as a benchmark.

What are you going to do?


are you kidding me? they did? :D

the box is triangle shape with exponential port, abit small, but for hotel room should be suitable.

i have asked sb about the kit, they are still in preparation, prob next month we will know more.

ive been in surabaya once only, few years ago. its HOT (and im indonesian :) )