Need assistance with Planar MId/tweet x-over

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Ok i am in a bit over my head so i am going to stop modeling and ask for experience help

I built the cabinets already and here is a bad drawing of them.

Its a Morel 166 and the RT811 HiVi planar. Can anyone who has used the big mid planar help me out with a crossover here ??

And will impedance correction be required ? because in the models the Morel is sketchy in the frequency response.

Exacxt internal dimensions .4334 after displacement


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Is there a spec sheet/curves for the HiVi stuff anywhere??
post a link.

I don't like that company because I can't find out very much about their products even though the seem to spend money advertising. Can't figure out where they sell the stuff or who is buying it! Seems to not be in the USA??

Anyhow depending on all that detail, a few comments:

- Morel is NG for bass (no excursion)
- nice for mid bass/ mids
- but low sensitivity

So, depending on what the HiVi thingie is/does for sensitivity you'll probably end up having to pad it down to meet the Morel.

No matter what it will make sound.

I'd run in box test curves using an inexpensive measurement mic and ur existing computer sound card + freeware that tests speakers. Then see what you get back... check 10, 20, 20 degrees off axis and see how they compare in level especially in the range where you might xover...

This should show you where you want to put the xover.

Look at what the mfr of the HiVi spec's for the xover slope too. This may dictate many choices.

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thats the most info you get :) i have them ordered from solen. This particular speaker they dont sell much all the other ribbons they do sell. This one is too big apparently and not big as in long.

We will see i guess if it is any good. If not its a lesson learned. Only place i have ever heard them and that was in a soup of noise was at the Metro Convention Center.
I think you'll need a 4th order @ ~2kHz.

Then measure what the combo does, and adjust the roll off/freq of the Morel to get the best compromise in the xover's area and to your ear.

You'll certainly need to pad the tweeter on the order of 6-10dB depending on what the actual unit measures.

The tweeter requires no impedance compensation at all.
The woofer may or may not, measure it's impedance with and without the xover in place (important).

I'd likely consider putting a low Q inductor in series with the tweeter, since it rises slightly accoring to their measurements, but that may or may not be audible to your ears, or an accurate measurement.

That would be an inductor with a resistor in parallel placed in series with the driver after the xover. The purpose is to tilt the curve slightly downwards from the mid range out to the HF region, making the >5-7 kHz region equal or lower than the 3kHz area to taste.

You can hear these sorts of changes using pink noise as the source and dorking the "change" in and out.

When you build the speaker, you'll know you have the relationship between the morel and the tweetie right when you listen on pink noise and can not detect either driver being dominant. This is a good test even without test gear on hand.

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Well familiar with pink noise :) love the stuff. Her names Amanda.

So the sketchy characteristics in the model are do to impedance variances (for the Morel) ? I figured the tweeter would need to be castrated a bit. Ill order the extra components you mentioned and when ready harass someone who has crossobver design software to cook me up a schematic :D Thank you Bear. We will hear what we hear.
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