Need advise on a Full Range Center Speaker using Tang Band w8-2145

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Long time lurker but first time poster here. I am a DIY newbie having just a few projects under my belt and experience with some very simple crossover designs. Long story short, my current center speaker recently suffered a tragic death thanks to my dog. Instead of buying a new one, I am interested in building one with materials I already have available.

I have two Tang Band w8-2145 drivers and an Aurum Cantus G3 Ribbon Tweeter.

I am thinking of using the three drivers in an MTM design for the Center Speaker.

Of course, utilizing two of these will probably nullify the "point source" sound. But that is not a huge factor for me.

WAF is also not an issue, mainly because according to her "big speakers feel more like live sound". Whatever that means...

However, I am confined to some available space constraints of 30inches wide X 14 inches high X 24 inches Deep. I can build a smaller enclosure but I cant build one larger.

My idea is to run both Tang Band's fullrange, in parallel and add a high pass filter around 10k for the Aurum Cantus.

I am also open to adding a bandpass for the Tang Band's or any other crossover idea.

Now my questions to forum members...

1) Is this even a viable project or am I wasting the potential of a very good full range driver ?

2) What volumes/crossover/tuning would you suggest ?

3) Am I better off ordering a different set of woofers and mating them with the Aurum Cantus tweet ?

I would like to stay with this tweeter as my main speakers are Aurum cantus as well.

Any other ideas/suggestions ?

Thanks in advance
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