Need advice on <10W amp for computer speakers

MtBiker said:
I need some advice on how to go about building a very small low power amp for some actively crossed computer speakers. So opamp V gain and ? I gain. Go discrete? Use TO220 buffers? Looking to get 1-10W of power. Remember, this is 4 channels so size is important.

If size is important, then I think the natural choice would be a power opamp such as the National LM3875 (the device used in the 47 Lab Gaincard).



2002-01-31 5:48 pm
If you need 4 channels and it is for a computer speaker (usually associated with something else than single-ended class A or large budgets) I would try any of the TDA200X amplifiers like TDA2003V. They are reasonably cheep and they give that kind of output. You should be able to build 4 channels on a 100mm * 75 mm board if you think first.

LM1876 Footprint

For those making computer speaker amplifiers, the LM1876 is just the right chip -- 2 of these with a couple opamps used as high and low pass filters make an excellent device for powering a couple audax drivers.,<p>This lil bugger has a lot of feet (15), however. I used the same pad size as for the LM3875 which makes them close, but it shouldn't represent a problem. Just clip the image to MSPaint.


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