Need advice on 10" midrange horn drivers


Beyma 10MCF400ND
18Sound 10NDA610
Precision Devices PD.103NR1
RCF MR10N301

At a lower price you have:

18 Sound 10M600
Beyma 10MI100
Faital Pro 10PR410
B&C 10NSM76
B&C 10MD26
RCF L10/750YK
Lavoce 10MAF103.00
Oberton 10NM300
Oberton 10M300
Oberton 10M250
PHL 3451
JBL 2012H if you can find them.
Eminence LA10850

The cheapest true midrange I could find besides that Eminence is the Oberton 10M250.
Speaker Oberton 10M250, 8 ohm, 10 inch

I would pick any of the above before the Beta 10 ;)
I've heard the MAF103.00 in a tractrix FLH. Its a nice driver with high efficiency and smooth FR when horn loaded. Didn't see any measurements but it integrated well sound wise with an 18" bin and a large format mid driver. Cone was a little on the skimpy side, even for a dedicated midbass. I'd personally look at the 10MD26 only becuase it has a solid reputation for use in FLHs. The Lavoce drivers are made in China. It doesn't say this anywhere on the box. I do believe they are decent drivers though based on my experiences.
The 10md26 starts rolling off at about 600 hz in a FLH. If you go onto Inlow's website, there's info as well. He also mentions the 10plb76 having more output capability, but it doesn't carry as high as the 10md26. I personally like the sound of the 10md26 overall, even as a direct radiator. This driver along with the 8ndl51, 8pe21, 12pe32 and 12mh32 are my top picks for midbass drivers.
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