NEED ADVICE , How To Get Good Bass in a speaker with Altec 416's ? or ?

-- Hello , I am looking for advice on how to get good bass in a horn speaker - I was going to go the Bass Horn route but my wife has asked if it could be smaller, So then I was looking at Valencia type designs and I'm wondering if I used Two 12 or 15 inch woofers per side, would that do what I want , which two woofers you would use -- if you were to use two woofers per side -- (they would have a Horn midrange and Horn tweeter top)

-- one 12 inch & Add a 18 inch driver?
-- two of the same pair?
-- two different woofers per side for a richer tone ?
-- Is anyone familiar with EVM12L Drivers? .... (they are supposed to have real punch and not crazy expensive )

what do you think - ?

OR is there some other woofers that you like for the price, it would be nice to find woofers that will do this that don't cost an arm and a leg - LOL
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So I thought I would try and explain a little better what I am looking for, I want good Musical Bass.... and I want the kind of bass that has impact -- the kind that - it kind of hits hard enough you feel it in you gut - if you know what I mean - I'm assuming that it's the 80Hz to 200 or 300Hz range that has that kind of impact... but not sure. The next thing is I realize you can go buy some expensive JBL drivers that will do that , but I would like to do this as cheaply as possible.... thanks for any advice.


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2005-08-16 4:21 pm
the old Karlson "K15" developed in the summer of 1951 and marketed from fall 1952 to Karlson's death Jan. 1973 can do that feat

Here's a setup which looks very nice

Most 15" with qts 0.4 to 0.25 will work well enough. A coaxial speaker as originally intended is good but some horn will work ok on top as can a "K-tube" with compression driver.

Plan from January 1954 issue of Radio and Television News. Later K15 narrowed the port but I would start here and tune "by ear"

brace the back panel. The "wings" can use struts from their inside to the front shelf edge (about 3.5" span)

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