Need a Preamp for XA25


2020-01-17 6:57 pm
Is the KORG B-1 Balanced Preamp a good match for the XA 25?

Does anyone know the cost for parts and suitable chassis?

Can this model employ the 6NS7 tube?

Would there be a remote possibility?

If a man knew his limitations and looked to hire an experienced
craftsman to assemble the piece, is this a flat fee agreement typically?

Thank you for your expertise!!
The BA 2018 by Wayne Colburn? The name is a little off-putting but that aside
where does he hang out?

Wayne Colburn is Designer Partner at Pass Labs and is responsible for all of their low-level electronics (preamps). At Burning Amp 2018, Wayne presented a design for a DIY line level preamp:

Wayne's BA 2018 linestage

The circuit boards will be available in the DIY Store some time soon.
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I use the Pass ba-3 and Supratek linestages...

with my xa-25. Both ate pretty good. Maybe the Supratek, which uses 6SN7 tubes might be “too much of a good thing” . The ba gives to my ears a more neutral presentation. Or maybe this might be an SS vs tube issue. The gain structure in the ba is more suitable for the xa-25, the Supratek having a lot of gain. That’s one aspect to consider also.


2020-01-17 6:57 pm
Oh that Wayne, thanks.

The Supratek Mackman from down-under's product looks pretty amazing.
It is serendipitous that you responded here, thanks.

Can someone write out just what BA stands for. Not bare *** I am thinking.

Sorry guys I know of Supratek but need some particulars on the others.

So Mano, I do not want the sound quite as forward as it is coming through the xa25 after 10 days of break-in.
My old ears don't do loud anymore.
60-70 db is my sweetspot.

A little tinnitus and some hyperacusis tossed in too.
Hearing caps at 8k right ear and 10k left. Too many firecracker wars I guess.
My speakers are older Tannoy 15'' dual concentric FSMs.
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