Need a 5" mid 8ohm 91/92db

Hi , can someone help me find a 5" mid 8ohm 91/92db cheaper than Davis (120€) ?

I have some Misco midranges up on eBay right now that fit the bill. Here's the response curve:


Here's the link:

Misco KCN5FD Ultra High Efficiency Pro Sound Midrange | eBay

The buy it now price is under twenty bucks for the pair.

I'd purchased them for one of my Unity horn projects; take a look at the 'suitable midrange for unity horn' thread for some background. It's an unusual item because it's hard to find a midrange with a high FS and a lot of BL. There are plenty of prosound eights that fit the bill, but very little that's smaller than that.
Hi Patrick , do you have any idea about shipping cost ?

should be about $20, give or take five dollars. Depends on where you are.

I don't have a UPS account so I get killed on shipping.

Last week I shipped a cel phone from Lynnwood to Kent, a whopping thirty miles, and I spent $17 on shipping. I think it weighed about eight ounces. Shipping is murder when you don't ship in volume.