Need 10" TL driver--Seas 25F-EW or Peerless 850146??

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It's about a 6.4 cubic foot enclosure with 115" total line length. Any idea on which would work better here? Kind of need something 88-89dB (as these are) and 8 ohms (as these are) to match the satellites they'll go with. I have no idea on how to model them so as a "guess" which looks more suitable on paper? Any other 10" drivers with those parameters that are TL suitable?

;) to start with the 2 that come to mind are: the peerless 850146, and the vifa m26wr-09-08 they both have qts around .32 so they would be ideal with nice smooth responses, allowing for simple x/overs and possibly two way with the right tweeters of the 2 l would say the peerless is the cheaper:D cheers and best regards, and good luck TC
Thanks Sean, I've seen that site. Unfortunatly, I don't have the mad skills necessary (or patience) to learn MathCad on top of learning how to model a driver. That would take me months!!!


I'm not looking for "perfection" more for "something that has a proven track record for TL's" and would be suited for my basic specs mentioned above.
Keep in mind that I have not used Martin's worksheets to actually produce anything (just to check some things I already take this with a grain of salt)

When I run the TL you have with the Dayton RS270 ($63.50 at PE) and .2lbs/cuft stuffing I get:

about 10db down at 23-24hz
4db down at 30 hz
Flat from 40hz to 80hz

There is a suckout above this but since you aim to use it as a problem right

When I run the TL you have with the Peerless 850146 ($69.96 at PE) and slightly more stuffing (circa .25lb/cuft) I get ver similar results. flat between 80 and 40 with a slightly earlier but shallower roll off.

about 10db down at 22hz
4db down at 30hz
1db down at 40hz

When I run the TL you have with the Seas 25F-EW ($65.80 at Madisound) and similar stuffing I see

about 10db down at 24hz
5db down at 30hz
about 3db down at 40hz

I stuffed all of these lightly because you suggested use as a sub (I.e suckouts above 80hz wouldn be a problem) and you expressed a need for efficiency. All of these drivers seem to "work" in your TL, with the seas probably the least successful.

Tests performed at inch woofer test.htm
tend to suggest good performance for the Dayton.

The peerless has a much larger xmax spec than the Seas (9mm to 4mm) with the dayton in the middle at 6.6. How accurate these numbers are is probably debatable.

Wow Sean, thanks a ton for taking the time to model those. Don't want to press my luck, but could you throw the Vifa M26wr into the spreadsheet to see what that yields?

I did not metion this, but, I am crossing to the sub at 100Hz so these suckouts your talking about, how bad are they above 80Hz? Was one of those drivers better then the other above 80Hz?

Also, any thoughts as to what's holding back the extension? I was told a 10" in that cabinet would go flat to 25Hz no problem. Maybe in-room response would yield greater extension? Would 12" drivers help any in my volume to get lower?

Thanks again!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.