Natural 3" fullrange needed

Hey guys, as some of you might recall, I have been working on a tripole clone like project using M&K cabinets. I've decided for the next project to match my front speakers with Focal drivers. Problem is, I can't find a full range driver, for the sides, that I like. Focal doesn't make a 3" driver I can buy. It's possible they offered one for car audio in a 3 way kit, but I see mostly 4" ones. Anyway, I tried the M&K driver, not good sounding. Tried a few others, it's ok. Any suggestions on what to try next.


2007-07-10 12:52 pm
I love the Aura NS3-193's that I have. Check for Timn8ter's posts, as he has a couple of designs for them. Just note: if you want to drive them beyond a moderate volume, your best off using a sealed cab. You'll sacrifice a little low-end extension, but you may be much happier if you need higher SPL. The NS3-193's produce impressive bass for their size, but will distort badly if pushed too hard. Timn8ter advised me of this characteristic during my 1st build and I found it to be very true.

Another option you might consider is the peerless 3". I've not tried them, but they seem to be well-liked over on HTguide.

peerless 830986

Good luck
The little 3" Aura is quite nice but very inefficient. For a bit more money the Fostex FF85 is quite a bit better. You won't get as much bottom out of it (the trade off for 6 dB more efficiency), but they can be made to hit 100 Hz at limited SPL. You can get a bit lower with the Aura but it takes a much bigger box.