Nanodigi vs 2x4 HD


2004-07-13 10:52 am

I’m considering a minidsp, main purpose is for the subsonic filter and a low pass filter for subwoofer operation.

I don’t want the standard minidsp 2x4, because I don’t like the idea of ADC-processing-DAC, due to impact on sounds quality, even though I’m sure this will be fine for my purposes if used for the subwoofer only. I know that once I get my hands on one of these units, I’m going to enjoy playing with it, so want to future proof myself and consider putting HPF on my floor standing speakers (and trying eq’ing full range, more for fun, than for gain)

I’m therefore considering the minidsp 2x4 HD or the Nanodigi. I’d take a digital in, from various sources, USB from Laptop (my primary music listening source) and maybe a digital in from a TV.

My understanding is that the nanodigi has all the benefits of the 2x4 HD ?, just instead of analogue outs only, it has digital outs only. If this is the case, I’m tempted with the nanodigi, as I can take digital from sources, pass through nanadigi, one digital out straight to my hifi amplifier for driving floorstanders (even if straight pass through eg no eq). Then another digital out, through a higher quality (than minidsp 2x4HD) external DAC (maybe $100 DAC), over to the subwoofer.

This to me appears to be the best route for sound quality purposes, but so long as the nandigi has all the features of the minidsp 2x4 HD. My concern is it’s the minidsp 2x4 board and not the minidsp 2x4 HD inside a nanodigi. I’d like all the benefits of the minidsp 2x4 HD, including ability to upgrade to Dirac Live at later date.

Also, the nanodigi is specified with SPDIF outputs, so I can tie this into a Digital Coax Input on my hifi amplifier ?

Any comments or advice on the above would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Those two units are quite a bit different from each other.
The 2x4Hd unit is a more advanced DSP and supports FIR filtering...among other things. Also it allows USB streaming.
The nanoDIGI is a 2x8 unit.

I suggest to take a closer look at the capabilities of both and see which one best fits your intended usage.



2017-11-18 9:59 am
At the moment yes it is controlling volume With ability to choose between toslink, coax spdif and usb so a sort of preamp, ideally I’d like to run it flat out and put ladder attenuators after the dac. Something like the EIZZ ones that come in 4 gang version, using one for left and one for right and maybe mechanically locking them together with cogs.

I did this with a Audio GD dac to good effect but only in stereo, worked well with my active monitors.

Audio GD DIY Update

Audio GD DAC + Linn Axis + Rega A2D

I think the Khadas tone board can be edited to also have a volume control (the es9038q2m certainly has the ability, see the Soncoz solution), but then you would need to link all four dacs together.
guys just a warning from me , i own both nanodigi and 4x10 minidsp , on both the coaxial input is dead only toslink works...units are 6 years old

Well, I used to have a 10x10AD (analogue in and analogue out - but used with digital in) - but now have a nanoDIGI (digital in and digital out).

Coax input works on both of them! So I can't help with your problem. :(