Nanodigi source selection on remote

I've done a search which seems to suggest that this has been sorted but I can't use the official remote to select sources even after "learning" it (both sources learned to the source button).

It switches ok between SPDIF and Toslink from the software and all other buttons work. Also I understand it will only work when not connected to the PC so have checked that even powering the Nanodigi on/off in between.

Software version is v2.3
Firmware version is v2.11
All kit new out of box.

Any pointers to fix this would be gratefully received.
Update - from Minidsp support -

1st response was to reset all of the learned codes in the Minidsp programme. All you do is go through the learning process but don't push the remote button, this will time out and reset the codes to default.

However, this did not fix the issue.

2nd response confirmed that the Nanodigi does not support the toggle function for the two inputs and you have to assign two different buttons to SPDIF and TOSLINK (source and centre arrow button maybe).

Will try this later and if that does not fix it I will see if I have an old RC6 compliant remote to try learning that. Will update if I get a fix.
Update #2

Found an old DVD remote that I had lying around. Programmed this with different buttons for optical and coax spdif (plus other commands), now all works fine.

thought it was worth keeping this info going just in case there are others in the future having the same issue or helps them not buy the minidsp remote and can buy a generic RC6 one.

For info the one I used was a Toshiba SE-R0049 for an SD230E DVD player.
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