nanoAVR-HD -New life to my Panasonic SA-XR700


2013-02-03 8:00 pm
Planning to build a pair of active speakers and go all way digital, so I wonder if any of you have experiance with nanoAVR and the sa-xr.

The system:
Chromecast HDMI->nanoAVR->sa-xr700->3-way OB
Phone with chromecast as remote
Media from NAS via Phone and BubbleUPnP
Tablet with Windows10 for configuration and calibration

You see any bottleneck in this configuration?

Are there any other options with miniDSP products?



2005-01-25 11:16 am
Still an interesting topic, though. The Chromecast is a great little streaming device and the Chromecast video with HDMI output seems made for the NanoAVR. NanoAVR needs PCM input signal, but how is this controlled with Chromecast? What I can find so far is that Chromecast puts out what it streams, but is there no way to set PCM output standard?