Naming your own link?


Paid Member
2004-10-07 6:05 am
There are a couple of ways to do it. The easiest is probably to copy the URL, then highlight the text you you want in your post, choose the link button and paste the URL in there. It will turn your selected text into a link for the URL you copied and pasted.

For example: I put the words "Here's a Link" into the post, then go copy a web address.
(IMDb - Movies, TV and Celebrities). I highlight the text I want to be the link and use the little globe-link button above. That brings up a window that the URL can be pasted into. Presto! You've got a link that says what you want it to. You can even make it bold.

The first link above ("Here's a Link") was done that way while the second, (IMDb - Movies, TV and Celebrities) was picked up automatically from the URL.
In another window or tag find the website you want to link to. Copy its URL. Go to the text position where you want to put the link. Click the 'Insert Link' icon. Paste the URL. Click OK or press Return. At this point you should have a link, but using the URL as the name too. It will be highlighted, so just type in the text you want to appear for the link.

That is the method I use.