Name some amp chips that work on a single rail voltage please

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richie00boy said:
Any will with some slight changes to the schematic, as long as you meet the min voltage criteria in the datasheet.

Try TDA2030 and LM1875 for starters. In fact I'm pretty sure both of those even show single rail application on the datasheets.

Thank you very much!

One question though, are these still current?

In other words, are they still referenced for new designs?
TDA7265 in bridge mode, can make one heck of a lot of power on 12v. I use one several times per week. . . because it came inside the car radio. ;) Well, that one isn't bridged, so its only 20w per ch. Its loud enough and its got that "big room filling sound" (car filling sound?). ;)

What's the application. . . Or, what's the power source? Is it computer at 11.4v or is it automotive at 13.5v?

Or did you want to jam out with only a "wall plug" as the power source (that would be a Tripath chip btw).
The LM3886 Datasheet also has a schematic on how to set it up for Single Rail operation....i believe it just uses a cou[ple extra caps and resistors and a 2n3904 NPN Transistor and a Big output cap...shouldn"t much harder to implement that a regular Gainclone....
ionomolo said:
The LM3886 needs a lot of voltage, 36 V min in single supply operation as stated in the datasheet. If you have that voltage that's no problem, but I can't imagine a situation where you can get 40Vdc and not +/-18

not really. if you are familiar with telco equip typed smps, they out put 48Vdc. some are 60 Vdc. these will have to be tamed down to the voltage you require with a suitable pass transistor regulator cct.

not too sure of these smps suitability with GC ccts thou.
Here's a chip : HA13158A 12V Car Radio IC

I just desoldered it from a broken JVC car stereo cassette.

Specs say 34W x 4 @ 13.2V or 16W RMS
or 40W x 4 @ 14.4V

I'll be using it for a battery-powered portable sound system with 14.4V of NiCd Cells. :D Should beat any portable boombox in SQ and Power Output.

*If you want good power and easy hookup from single 12V, go with BTL Car Radio IC chips. BTL makes it so you don't need coupling capacitors for the speakers, and most power possible from 12V or so.
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