Nakamichi ta-3a transformer buzz. Light

So this will be last nakamichi thread for at least a month.

I posted a bunch recently

So Taiwanese made Nakamichi ta-3a comes with regular transformer..not toroidal like Japanese made sr-4a

When it's on there is a faint transformer buzz if you put ear close to transformer. It's definitely louder than on other nakamichis I had
Ta-4a no noise, ta-2a barely audible

Does the buzz mean transformer is on the way out? Or maybe there are other issues that are causing transformer hum/buzz.

Its same buzz you hear on all adcom amps. Like on electric power plant but not as loud. Most nakamichis stasis i had had dead silent transformers.

Basically I might keep the amp and want to perfect it

Sr-4a is nice and clean sounding. But feels underpowered compare to ta3a
For some reason ta-3a is most open and impactfull Sounding. You can feel juices flowing in your veins
Bias is 23mv on both.
On paper sr-4a is superior.. don't understand why doesn't sound as powerful and punchy as ta-3a. Volume matched. Tried everything
These were used with Polk sda crs+ bookshelves, which tend to be power hungry

Ta-4a is a bit bass heavy for me.

These sound signature observations are after having 3 ta-3a, 2 sr-4a, 2 ta-4a.
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